COTX-X3 Hotspot Miner is a new generated of low-power IoT smart.


Auto-negotiation of 1*GE 10/100/1000Mbps


2.4/5GHz 802.11AC
STA wireless client mode
Wireless hotspot mode

Smart power-saving

Support manual/automatic entry into smart power-saving mode

USB devices

Support USB / WiFi WLAN card and other plug and play devices extension


Product Features:

High-level security protection

The COTX-X3 Hotspot Miner coordinate with the cloud key management system to support high-level security protection.

Flexible and easy to deploy

The extremely compact hardware design of the COTX-X3 Hotspot Miner has created its Mini size.

Multi-service interface and analysis capabilities, rich application scenarios

COTX-X3 Hotspot Miner has multiple interfaces, supports mainstream IoT access

Comprehensive and diverse options for backhaul

The COTX-X3 Hotspot Miner support multiple uplink access methods, such as WiFi and Ethernet.

How Does It Work?

COTX-X3 Hotspot Miner is a new generation of low-power IoT smart converged indoor gateway independently developed by Beijing COTX Networks Technology Co.Ltd. (COTX). It supports the LoRaWAN standard formulated by the International LoRa Alliance and other mainstream IoT access protocols such as WiFi, BLE. This device Can be used in many different deployment types in various conditions with multiple uplink options such as WiFi and Ethernet.

Product specifications

IP Features

Static IP
Network for communication
System log

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