Cubify LTD Shipping Information

At present, Cubify  process and deliver articles from Monday to Friday. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be processed and / or shipped the next business day.

We will not process or ship orders on public holidays legally offered by the UK Government. Additional processing time may be required on national or international bank holidays.

Internal handling

Weekend delivery

Cubify does not deliver or make weekend deliveries. Weekends do not have to be taken into account when calculating the delivery date.

International handling

Product handling to UK

The products will arrive by air and will be handled by a British consulting company specialized in ” Import / Export products from China (door to door).

What national and international handling options does Cubify offer?

Cubify brings the products from the manufacturer by air through the company DHL , specialized in International transport, from which we expect to bring an added value regarding the delivery time from China to UK.

Cubify will distribute the products in UK through the company DHL , and in the other member countries of the European Union through the company DHL .

Throughout the acquisition, preparation, verification, delivery and until the reception of the products at the final destination chosen by Cubify, a specialized consulting company will take care of it.

During transport from producer goods from China to UK, Cubify we have additional insurance policy.

The delivery of the orders will be made from the Cubify warehouse and not from the Cubify office / presentation store through an active transport operator at national and European level.

The Cubify warehouse from where the delivery is made is within the Essex county, strategically located towards a better coordination of the fastest possible delivery of all orders at national level.

The carrier chosen by Cubify as a distribution partner was chosen based on several criteria, including: Speed, Quality and Promptness!

Who is responsible for import duties, international / domestic transport and other taxes in the UK ?

Cubify! Yes, Cubify will include in the sale price of the Hotspot / Standard Package absolutely all customs duties, VAT, transport, insurance, product management, transport from China to UK and transport from the Cubify warehouse to the address indicated by you.

If you’re in the Europe union Or international Country Delivers, You would be required to pay your country Import and customs charges this is NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. ONLY FOR Eu and international Customer your required to pay customs and Vat.

ALL UK Customer Delivery and everything included in the Final Price.

The delivery period of the products to the final customer (user) in the UK  and the other member countries of the European Union is – Update soon!

* Rates are subject to change. Additional charges may apply depending on the method of transport, location and item.

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