Help build the Helium network.

Helium is building the world’s largest LoRa network. Sign up to host a hotspot, free of charge, and make money while you sleep.

cotx network

What is it?

There’s a new set of internet-connected devices that require a new kind of wireless network, called LoRaWAN. Think of it like wifi for low-power devices like GPS trackers and air quality sensors.

Helium is building the world’s largest LoRaWAN network, and paying everyday people to host hotspots in their homes.

How Does It Work?

How much will I earn?

Depending on how many other hotspots are within a few miles, a unit can earn £2-100 worth of tokens per month. The more nearby hotspots, the more revenue.

Is it secure?

Yes. A hotspot does not allow remote access and has undergone extensive security auditing. For additional protection, you can put the hotspot on a guest WiFi network..

How do I set it up?

Just plug it into a power source, connect it to your wifi, and put it by a window. If you can put it on your roof and upgrade your antenna, you can earn substantially more HNT.

Why work with us?

We Work Close with the Helium community members, offering competitive rates and provide good customer service. We believe in being fair, treating people well.

Frequently Asked Questions

cotx-x3 miner

So how does one become a partner with Cubify? First, you need to buy one of our plans that suits you best.

The Lower Plan – If you want to get your hands dirty, the lower plan is for you. It is for those who own the miner, and you want us to host the service for you in a high profitability location.

The Higher Plan – With the higher plan, you can just buy the miner and have us host it for a year in an area with really high mining profitability. You’ll get 40% of the profits from the miner, and the rest goes into marketing and to our hosts.

If you’re a business that needs someone to maintain your miners, we can assist you. We have engineers on standby, ready to fix any issues and loads of hosts with locations around the UK prepared to host your miner.

There’s no catch! We assume all the risk (time and money), and we take a share of the profits in exchange. On average, hosts earn about £1,000 every year. Our service has been in business for nearly 1year, and we’ve paid out over Nearly million in cash rewards!

There need to be at least 300 Meter between each hotspot to provide coverage. So, the more hosts that we have, the faster we can spread out our hotspots and provide adequate coverage. But having two or more hotspots in the same house doesn’t offer any additional coverage since they are not 300 Meter apart.

Each hotspot can provide different amounts of tokens depending on how many are within a few miles. If there are many other nearby hotspots, you can earn more revenue. You can even make 2-100 tokens each month per unit.

The hotspot uses very little power, as it will use an estimated 5 watts at its peak point. This is a mere fraction of the amount of power used by some light bulbs, and in a city like London, the cost to run it would be around £0.48/month.

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All technical enquiries can be directed to the relevant discord channel for your product where our community will support you. 

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